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Water Service Powdersville SCPowdersville Water is a rapid growing community water system that is quickly transitioning into a mid-size water utility. The company has aggressively prepared for this growth by adding needed infrastructure each year that provides additional capacity for new customers. This new infrastructure is constructed through an annual Capital Improvement Program that is funded in various ways each year. These type of projects are designed, permitted and constructed by chosen consultants and contractors. In the past years, we have constructed over $19 million of new improvements to the system that has allowed for a seamless growth pattern.

Many other projects driven by private developers are added to the system each year in private developments. These projects ultimately become a part of our water system to operate and maintain. We have created a Development Policy to guide developers in our construction process, as well as Water System Guidelines for Design & Construction to provide guidance on how to construct infrastructure that will be added to our system. Both of these documents are in place to ensure that we spend public dollars wisely and that we always build for long-term success. Providing you with quality service and drinking water are the foundation of everything that we do.

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Safety – “Priority One”
Outline of Private Development Process
Use of Fire Hydrants
Guidance Documents (downloadable)
Meter Tampering and Water Theft – Builders Take Note
Safety – “Priority One”

Powdersville Water has one of the best safety records of all water & sewer utilities in the state of South Carolina. Our employees take pride in this accomplishment and we expect anyone that works on our behalf to perform in the same manner. Consultants and contractors that we employ are expected to know the rules and regulations and to employ these in their daily work practices. This behavior will be the first step in making sure that you work for us again. We consider our employees the greatest asset that we have at Powdersville Water and anyone that works on our behalf is expected to embrace this attitude.

Outline of Private Development Process
  • Complete the Water Availability Form and return to Powdersville Water along with your preliminary design. Within one week Powdersville Water will respond on our ability to serve your project.
  • A quotation of fees & construction cost estimate may be requested by submission of a project site plan and application fee. The cost estimate will be provided within 2 weeks of the request and payment of the application fee by the developer.
  •  Developer’s Agreement is an agreement between the developer and Powdersville Water which outlines the responsibilities of each entity. The agreement is a required document that must be signed prior to design and permitting of the project.
  • Payment of design & permitting fees is required prior to Powdersville Water engaging their engineer to proceed with design and permitting of the project. See Permitting and Design in the Description of Fees section.
  • Design & Permitting will be performed by Powdersville Water engineer. This process can take up to two months depending on SC DHEC work load.
  • A Public Bid opening will be scheduled once SC DHEC has approved the application for construction. Bids are solicited from a list of contractors pre-approved by Powdersville Water.
  • Water capacity must be purchased for each new development. Once purchased, Powdersville Water commits this capacity to the project and it is site-specific and is not transferrable. See Water Capacity Fee in the Description of Fees section.
  • A Pre-Construction Meeting will be scheduled on site prior to giving the selected contractor notice to proceed. A list of items that will be reviewed will be provided to the developer prior to the meeting.
  • Construction & Inspection personnel will be on site daily from Powdersville Water and their engineer.
  • Testing & Engineer’s certification will be provided by Powdersville Water’s engineer so that the project can be sent to SC DHEC for an approval to operate the new water infrastructure.
  • Record Drawings along with GIS Mapping files must be provided by the certifying project engineer.
  • Project close out will occur following a final inspection by Powdersville Water and Powdersville Water engineers inspectors. This inspection will ensure that the new water infrastructure has been installed to Powdersville Water specification.
Use of Fire Hydrants

Use of fire hydrants by non-Powdersville Water personnel or fire department personnel without written permission is strictly prohibited. To obtain access to this resource, a person or company must make an application.

Bulk Water Agreement & Permit

Meter Tampering and Water Theft – Builders Take Note

Meter Tampering and Water Theft – Builders Take Note – READ MORE


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