Current Water Rates

Rates Effective 1/1/24

  • The minimum 3/4″ tap rate for 0 – 2,000 gallons for a one month billing is $22.48.  The rate for all consumption over 2,000 gallons for a 3/4″ tap is $6.94 per 1,000 gallons.

  • The regulatory fee is $.22 per account per billing period. This fee represents the SCDHEC annual fee charged to Powdersville Water that is passed along to all our customers.

  • Your Powdersville Water bill may include a charge for sewer service. Please note that we are strictly the billing agent for your sewer provider. Powdersville Water does not provide sewer service, nor are we responsible for setting the rates. We will be happy to try to assist you in understanding these charges and how they are computed using the rates given to us by the sewer provider.

    However, for questions or complaints regarding how the rates were arrived at or questions regarding your sewer services, please contact your sewer provider using the information below:

    Easley Combined Utilities: (864) 859-4013
    Renewable Water Resources (Rewa): (864) 299-4000
    Anderson County Sewer: (864) 260-4000
    Quail Haven Sewer: Quail Haven aka QH Lagoon is managed by Condor Environmental at (864) 469-9715


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