Lock Day

Accounts are subject to disconnection when two bills are past due and the total amount on the account has not been paid before 8:30am on Lock Day.
Powdersville Water has Lock Day four times a month for past due accounts based on a customer’s billing cycle. A meter will be locked for non-payment once the second bill has not been paid by the due date. At this time, if the customer has not paid the balance on the account in full by 8:30 am on Lock Day, the meter will be locked and a $70.00 Lock Day service fee added to the balance on the account. The total amount due including the Lock Day service fee must be paid to reactivate the account. We encourage all customers to pay all bills promptly to avoid any of these unnecessary fees. Tampering with a meter, such as cutting a lock, is a criminal offense and the customer will be held liable for such an action.

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