Powdersville Water says: “Don’t Worry – Your Water is Safe”

Powdersville Water says: “Don’t Worry – Your Water is Safe”

Powdersville Water wants their customers to know that, even during these difficult times, their staff is working every day to make sure that the drinking water they are receiving is safe. “This is what we do,” Executive Director Dyke Spencer explained,
“We have not forgotten what we are in business to do – provide a safe and dependable supply of drinking water to all customers within our service area, regardless of the situation”.
However, the virus has made Powdersville Water re-evaluate its normal operating procedures.
Powdersville Water remains dedicated to keeping safety a priority – both for its employees and the public. They continue to practice social distancing in the office and in the field. Their field crews work in small groups or alone. All large group functions of the staff have been canceled or modified. They are open for business, but their facilities are closed to the public and all contact with the public has been minimized to the drive thru window, various technologies or very selective small meetings, if required.
All Powdersville Water clerical employees who are handling mail, deliveries, shipments, bills, payments, etc. which are transmitted to and from the general public are taking precautions by using personal protective equipment. The water company has implemented a “4:30pm wipe down” each work day for the office building and the shop facilities. Every employee must sanitize their work space, and each department is assigned a common area in the building to wipe down for cleanliness and sanitation.
The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many people and businesses to rethink their “normal”. At Powdersville Water, they remain dedicated to ensuring water quality and serving the community. “That is our normal” Mr. Spencer explained. They continue to maintain vigorous water sampling and hydrant flushing programs, which help ensure and improve water quality. While millions of Americans across the nation are inundated with difficulties, Powdersville Water wants to assure its customers that water quality is one less worry. “We aren’t taking this pandemic lightly, but we do want our customers to know that their drinking water is something we worry about, so they don’t have to,” said Dyke Spencer, Executive Director. “No pandemic or national emergency will make us forget who we are and what we do every day – ensure our customers receive safe and dependable drinking water.”

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