Powdersville Water Supports AIM Christmas for Needy Children

Powdersville Water Supports AIM Christmas for Needy Children

Powdersville Water (PW) employees and its Board of Directors continued their tradition of participating in the Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM) Christmas Gifts for Children Program. As part of the program AIM provided a gift list and the ages of children from a needy family. This information is listed on gift tags and placed on a PW Christmas tree. Those wishing to purchase a specific gift took a gift tag from the tree and shopped for the child. In addition, some employees and Board members pooled their cash donations in order to purchase large items or items not chosen. “The overall response was fantastic again this year and PW was able to provide gifts to children ages five to fourteen years of age,” explained Evan Landreth, Customer Service Manager. The gifts included clothing items and shoes for each child, in addition to baby dolls and an assortment of other toys. This is the twelfth year PW has participated in this program. The staff at AIM expressed appreciation for the wonderful support provided by PW. The gifts were delivered to Anderson Interfaith Ministries on Friday, December 14th. “This is a great program and I am very proud of the support provided by everyone at Powdersville Water. It is a great way to say Merry Christmas!” said Dyke Spencer, Executive Director. It is estimated that PW employees and Board members contributed over $500 to this effort.
In addition to the year-end Christmas Gifts for Children program, employees also contributed money to AIM and United Christian Ministries (Easley) all year through voluntary payroll deductions. This money was given with the sole purpose of helping needy people with water utility related expenses.
Many of PW’s customers also support AIM through the H20 (Help 2 Others) Program. This partnership with Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM), allows our customers to donate a small amount each month for this charitable cause simply by rounding up their water bill to the nearest whole dollar amount. Collectively, this small amount of change from numerous customers each month amounted to approximately $3,000 in 2018, which allowed AIM to assist qualified needy residents of Anderson County to obtain safe drinking water. Customers who participate never spend more than $12 annually to assist in this cause. PW customers who would like to be involved in the H2O Program can call Customer Service at 864-269-5440, Option 4 for more information.

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