Water Pressure Issues

Water Pressure Issues

Powdersville Water customers new to the area need to understand how the hilly terrain in our service area affects the pressure that you receive at your tap. Pressure changes significantly, with change in elevation, and Powdersville Water cannot control terrain. If your tap is on a hilltop, your neighbor in the valley may experience much higher pressure than you. Area plumbers, involved in new construction, should be asked about water pressure before construction begins. For existing buildings, you should have your pressure checked. If you are experiencing pressures that exceed 70 psi, you may experience problems with water using fixtures on your premises. If this is the case, you should contact your local plumber and inquire about a pressure reducing valve. This is a relatively simple device to install on your property and it will regulate the pressure on your tap. Ask for the adjustable type. The cost of installing one may be far less than replacing a large appliance or repairing pipe damage.

Click here for a graphical illustration of how this works, as well as photos of the equipment needed.

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